RV Computing Solutions and Consulting has over 25 years experience providing IT services. We provide a wide variety of computer-related products and services, including, but not limited to: hardware, software, consulting, training and network support – to support any size business, school.

We specialize in deploying, maintaining, and protecting technology for businesses while providing cost efficient managed IT services.

Our goal is to exceed industry standards for performance, operation


and customer service, by eliminating unexpected problems, improving security and business continuity all while communicating more effectively, and forging a sustainable plan for growth.

The services we offer at RV Computing Solutions and Consulting are aimed at giving you peace of mind and helping your business thrive – while saving you money.

Consulting & Project Planning
We understand that the primary concern of any business is the productivity of the business itself. Our engineers are skilled not only in implementing solutions, but also deciding where they fit best to meet business objectives. Any advice we give in regards to your company’s environment is for the sole purpose of bettering productivity and is realistic in its use of resources. We make sure your technology is utilized to its maximum potential for the maximum length of time it can be of use.


We work with your schedule to seamlessly integrate the project such that workflow is interrupted as little as possible. We are willing to work after closing to ensure that projects which require temporary standby of the network do not interrupt anything of importance.

Infrastructure Integration

When installing a new network, efficient and cost saving infrastructure are the foundation for a successful environment. We at RVCSC know how to advise clients on and then implement the most effective server and workstation configurations so as to lay the groundwork for the environment. We have seen time and time again that thought put in when setting up the infrastructure, results in less difficulties for the company with the environment as a whole further down the road.

Technical Support & Helpdesk

We are dedicated not only to the initial implementation of the systems we install, but also the smooth operation of them after the setup. Rather than losing precious business time jockeying with an unresponsive printer or nagging pop up virus, RVCSC is available with personal support to resolve any technical issue as soon as possible. During any business hour, a problem will be addressed and assessed in an expedient manor by a certified engineer through either phone or email support depending on your preference. Our dedicated Helpdesk Engineer can walk you through a quick solution, remote into your computer and fix it manually, or immediately schedule on site support to deal with the issue. At Smart Computing we gift our clients with the peace of mind that any of the inevitable technological difficulties they may face will be competently and efficiently solved.